Playlist Poetry (My World Is…)

Exploring the DS106 assignment banks, I found many interesting assignments; however the “Playlist Poetry” assignment had stuck out to me the most. The thought of creating poetry out of existing song titles in my iTunes database had intrigued me, and I had thought “this looks really fun.” Going into the assignment I thought it would be an easy task, however I was sadly mistaken. Going based off of titles in my large database, there was so many options to chose from, but the most difficult part was in my wanting to create a poem that made sense. I had no clear motive in creating a certain type of poem, or a meaning behind so, I just started with a couple of “stanzas” and just worked off what I was producing.


My world is Grey, I am Blu; cold hearted, dancing in the rain. There will be tears, sacrifices, pain. Seasons change, memories stay for however how long. What’s next? Heaven only knows. To Zion, heaven is real, in the night, in a dream, the world is yours. Kingdom come, God lives through midnight. In the morning life goes on, patiently waiting to dream, just to get by no more pain; heartache. Get away, fairy tail remains: Heaven at Nite.

I relayed a messaged of how heaven is perceived through dreams or dreaming. The only escape one can get through the hardships of life is through sleep, recovering one’s mind, body and soul. In a dream anything is possible which thoughts can be romanticized.

Let me know what you think, or how you interpreted my poem!

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