Mimicry is the best form of flattery – DS106 Assignment Post 1

Under the Fanfiction section of DS106, I found a certain assignment that I was confident in doing. The assignment was to use vector or raster graphic software to draw my own design of my favorite artist’s work. I myself was confident, but I saw that nobody else posted any tutorials or finished assignments on the site. Regardless, I ended up taking 3 hours out of my weekend to do this and I ended up enjoying it very much.

My favorite artist is Yoshiki Takaya, the artist who authored the manga, Guyver.

Guyver is what introduced me to the world of anime when I was a kid. The brutal fight scenes were definitely not for someone my age, but I enjoyed it regardless.

The one element that stands out in Guyver has to be it’s unique designs for monsters and armor. Even 31 years after its first chapter was released, the designs don’t feel old or dated at all. The lack of detail that many other old comics had are apparent when we look back today but that is not the case for Guyver.

There are over thousands of original designs from Takaya that he incorporated into his story. There are just too many of them to list.

Here is my original design based off of the Guyver.

Programs used:
Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5)

Total time spent was about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver by Yoshiki Takaya

Watch Guyver anime at Funimation.com

Special Thanks and Source sites:


Note: I did not list the other image hosting sites as they stole their content off of http://www.japan-legend.com/advocacy. The main scanlation group for Guyver manga “Guyver Advocacy” now has a policy of not releasing translations to the public. Only those who purchase the volumes themselves gain access to the directory.

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Original Assignment

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    1. Thank you. You’re probably thinking of Yugioh because the Guyver design was used to create certain monsters in the Yugioh franchise. The first thing that comes to mind is the Elemental Hero Neos monster which almost has every feature of the Guyvers.

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