Highlighters Are a Weakness

As a female I had to post this because I get to excited when I go to Sephora and try on different brands of highlighters before I find the right one. (if anyone wants to know I personally feel that ANASTASIA has by far the best highlighters but its $40, But i’m not a makeup guru still an amateur.)

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6 thoughts on “Highlighters Are a Weakness”

  1. omg I love this post because I can relate. Becca cosmetics has great highlighters as well, my favorite is “Champagne Pop”. Tarte cosmetics has a great one which is a 3 in one i believe it’s called the twinkle highlight palette.

  2. I LOVEEEE to highlight too! I use Champagne pop by Marc Jacobs for a subtle rose-gold look because it has a pink tint to it. But being that I am on the darker side, I’m OBSESSED with Tarte by Marc Jacobs. It is the perfect shade of BRIGHT gold that leaves me glowing like the trophy that I am!

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