Blog Like Flaca Would


Flaca may be in prison for fraud and endangerment, but she’s got an opinion and she’s going to let you know it: how grades don’t matter, but words do, even your font choices.

She’s critical of stereotypes:


And how they cause angst.


And Flaca is fearless about taking risks with her big ideas.


Not everyone agrees with her, but she’s got a process and sticks to it. I think Flaca would be a great blogger as she would be:

  • thoughtful with her post titles,
  • giving her opinions,
  • backing them up with links,
  • proof reading her grammar and punctuation,
  • and embedding cool media that’s she’s made or found from elsewhere.

She knows the effort on the little things matters as well as just getting yourself out there.

Blog like Flaca would.

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