Dream room

I picked this assignment from DS160 because I thought it will be easy and because I get to look at pretty furniture that I wish I could buy. They said that I have to go to pinterest and look at different things that I want for my dream room. It made me realized that everyone has their own  unique style. My style I want to say it rather simple, using the phrase “less is more” and also a little elegant. It may looks like:

I really like this bed and how beautiful it looks in the room.

Love...gray master bedroom:











I also think this will look really nice on the wall.

Family Love Quotes and Sayings Wall Decals for Bedroom Interior Wall Decorating…:

And I love this to put my clothes in.

Art Deco Guest Bedroom with Feiss Scott 31" x 37" Electric Platinum Wall Mirror…:

These are just a few things that I would like in my dream room the rest is in my pinterest 

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