Just a game?

I enjoy watching competition, especially in video games. Competitive video games fall under the category of eSports which has gained popularity over the past decade. Like other fans, I can’t seem to stay still while watching professional players fight their hearts out to the death. The hype is so strong, that people who never played the game would begin to understand what is going on and even what the players are trying to do as they are watching them. Perhaps the most lovable part of eSports for me is when the players finish their match and shake hands. The emotions of the players can be seen along with their sportsmanship through body language alone. Although there are mixed feelings about the results, almost every player would respect the person they beat and the person they lost to.

Armada defeats Mango at Genesis 3

Of course there are also some other emotions… SALT

I personally find it funny and I can definitely relate to it.

Wobbles throws controller after losing to Ice at Smash Summit 2

Super Smash Bros. Melee – Nintendo 2001

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