Thru the camera lens.

I love photography. I see so much as I walk around the city. What may seem like nothing to someone, I see something totally different. I see art. So I decided to start by showing you what I see thru the lens of my camera. And I am starting this with my daughter who recently had her first child. This is the child that told me for the longest that she was not going to push any watermelons out of anything the size of a lemon hole. Then she was going to be artificially inseminated and then it went to the only grandchildren I was getting from her were the cats, dog and a psychotic turtle. Out of the blue one day she says she has a doctors  appointment. I inquired if she felt ill. Her response was “apparently I’m pregnant.” As you can imagine there was a moment of awkward silence.

My daughter; EboneDSC_0471

Here are some of the photos from the baby shower

Silly Dance


Her favorite thing…FOOD


Beautiful Handmade Baby Blanket                                                               DSC_0424

Friend & familyDSC_0463Elliott DrewDSC_0497

DSC_0498And this is the end result of a my daughter’s protest. A lovable little boy. Who just so happened to have been born on my first grandsons birthday exactly 20 years later. And they both have the same initials of “E.D,”

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