OMG last day to blog!

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I am very glad I got to experience CT101 because I always wanted to start a blog but never knew how. I never had the right guidance. So to come here and have the opportunity to do so was great. My favorite part was being able to add my own ideas to  my post. The hardest part for me was to come up with a domain name.

I got my inspiration for instagram. There is someone on instagram who post pictures of people and he tells there story, that is exactly what I wanted to show in my blog post. My overall experience in the class was great I learned a lot. Things that I never knew before. I never knew how cool it was to make a GIF. I learned a lot from my professor he was very attentive to the class and always willing to help. If I can do something differently it would be to change my domain to use it more in the long run.

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