Everything’s Good (my Good Ass Outro)

We’ve come to the end of the semester ya’ll. Its been pretty dope. I learned some pretty cool things on the computer because of this class. I dabbled in a bunch of new and fantastic techniques and skills that I was once intimidated by.

Like gif making!

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How to hyperlink to awesome stuff I think you should check out!

How to add posts from other social media to create interesting blog posts


And heres my website!! It’s called Impasto Muse where I showcase dope artists of any sort I fancy and just write about how cool they are. Take a look when you get the chance.

As for the future of my website I might continue to post cool art from local artist or I might turn it into something else should I feel like changing my mind. But I’m pretty sure it’s aways going to stay art based. I like being able to write out my thoughts on certain subjects so i think i’ll continue this blogging thing for a while. I learned a lot while here in class and I can’t wait for my next computer class this summer which will C++ program developing. Hope everyone passes all of there finals and enjoy their summer break!


BTW my title is based off of a Chance the Rapper song called Good Ass Outro. If you’re not down with Chance……just listen to him. That’s all I gotta say.



Thanks for the semester Professor Smith!


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