Im featured in the student Art Show!

So I posted up a personal painting in the student art show! It’s a piece that means a lot to me and Im really proud of it. The whole thing took me maybe 2 to 3 hours to finish. I’m excited to have this painting showcased because I told myself that I’d actively work at getting my art seen by people. This is only a small gallery in school yes but it’s a start.


The meaning behind it is kind of dark but still relatable. The caption I wrote underneath it is as follows:

“Sometimes the days are long. Sometimes the nights are pitch black with no savior in sight. Keep pushing forward. Be grateful for your blessings and be patient for the blessings soon to come”


I felt pretty lost when I painted this. I’m still finding my way and I’m learning that not having all of the answers is okay and pretty normal. Rarely anyone does. Whats the hardest part for me is to allow myself to let go and continue wandering and pushing forward doing what I love and slowly finding my path.

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