So Im attempting photoshop

Im not very good at photoshop or illustrator but for this week, and possibly next Im going to attempt some artwork on photoshop. There are two routes I could go about doing this. I could start with a pencil sketch that I make by hand and adjust and edit it into line work onto the computer. Or I could draw something directly onto the computer using the Wacom tablet.



This is the image that I sketched, and did a bit of warping with the help of Professor Smith. So eventually what I would hope to do is to make it into a sort of like a logo. I want to redraw the lines onto photoshop using the wacom tablet and color it in as well. For this week and possibly next I’ll be documenting my trial and error of me learning to use the photoshop program. Wish me luck!

So far I’m just doing some research by watching tutorials on youtube from other digital artists.

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  1. That is really great art work. I addition to being an artist you should draw for tattoo artists, it pays well. I remember paying this guy $100 just to draw out my sleeve for the tattoo artist.

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