Last night we witnessed greatness one more time. Kobe Bryant played the final game of his career hosting the Utah Jazz in Los Angeles. I noticed there were a star-studded crowd in Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and others.  Since the Lakers were having a horrible season I was thinking Kobe would have a bunch of points with an L at the end, but that wasn’t the case.

One thing’s for sure is they left it on the court, especially Kobe. By the time of the half, Kobe had about 35 points and was thinking he was going for 50. I was wrong again, setting another of his many records (most points in a final career game with 60.) Yes, sixty.

Kobe’s probably resting those old bones in the illest ice bath right now but last night’s game was a night to remember for Laker fans like myself and even just fans of the game and the haters. There will probably never be another player to do the things he’s done. I can live the fact that Jordan is #1, but honestly I’d say Kobe is 1a, not #2, he’s done too much (and broke all of Jordan’s records.)

Dropping 60 comes with many highlights in a game, but my favorite was the last point. His first career point was a free throw, his 81 point game last bucket was a free throw, his last career point was a free throw as well. The legendary walk-off made me realize i’m really not gonna see this guy play again, I promise I didn’t cry lol. #ThankYouKobe


  1. great post. It was so crazy #mambaday overshadowed the warriors most wins in NBA history. Goes to show which moment was more important to the NBA and its fans. #analltimegreat

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