YouTube Black Social Summit

Last week Youtube held an event on LA valiantly named YouTube Black. Now there isn’t a whole lot of specific information about what went down during the event but it is obvious through twitter, snapchat and what youtube videos were allowed to be put up, that the situation was LIT. I mean, what else do you expect when you put that much black excellence in one creative space?

I’m so here for this! YouTube, one of our generations most lucrative, content focused new forms of media has dedicated its resources to these amazing black people. They were celebrated, admired and revered as all of their hard work gained recognition not only from their fans, but the big guys up in the YouTube CEO office. This event is a momentous occasion that should be noted in history books if you ask me.

I want to make a point about this event. Yes, our generation is all about creating content and standing out against the status quo. We are different and our lives revolve around constantly being innovative. But this moment is something more; specifically for our black community. Through all the hate, violence and struggle we black people have had to overcome as a race through the times in this country, it warms my heart to see so many young faces laughing, dancing, and rejoicing in the fact that who they are is beautiful. They don’t have to be anything else but what they were born as because that in itself is magic.

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