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CT101 Students,

Having trouble solving issues with your wordpress themes? Its a common part of our process here in CT101, but there is hope! TWITTER! Thats right, twitter is an excellent resource for troubleshooting, making new tech friends and solving individual specific problems. (Yes, it will take a little effort on your part.) When we select our wordpress themes we often don’t realize that each theme has a set of specific customizing features. Navigating around the customizing options are a part of our course and process, but if you feel that you have exhausted some of your energy on one or two specific issues, twitter is a good place look. Yes, you will need a twitter account, its free so go here to sign up – with your newly account verified, you can now reach out and ask for help!

Each individual theme featured on wordpress (and beyond) has a “creator” of the theme. It may be a company, a group or an individual person, but almost all of them have active twitter accounts, so search for them by their names in the twitter search engine on the site. Chances are, if you reach out to them with a questions, they will respond, and will be happy to help!

Example – ” Hey @freshthemes – I really like your wordpress theme titled “FRESHEST” can you send me a link to some front page tricks and customizing features? Greatly appreciated”

Thats it! Keep your notifications turned on!

Share your experiences here for extra credit!

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