Zodiac 12


It has been a while since I have made a post on Ct101 since I have been busy making content for my website, but thanks to midterms, everything is behind. Since I feel bad for having no progress done whatsoever, I am a showing off some of my OC for another new story by me known as Zodiac 12. The picture above is concept art for Libra.

Concept: Aquila wakes up one day in a strange town which has a very familiar feel to it. He has no real recollection of where he is or what is going on. There are people all around him who feel familiar, but yet they are also strangers. Later on he discovers that no one in this town his human and that everyone is an embodiment of a constellation. Cronus and Jupiter have sparked a war that has divided the celestial bodies into multiple sides. To balance things out, only the Chief planets know the truth, but this war must be settled. It has been decided that who ever controls the most of the celestial bodies will be the new alpha leader. Sol has decided to be the moderator of this event as the war begins to unfold. But what reason is it for and what roles does each person have? Aquila may not be able to long enough to find out.

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