Kehlani nearly committed suicide over nasty social media comments…



First of all, I love Kehlani. I love her style. I love her image. I love her music. I love her message. She’s so young, only 20, but so ahead of her time. She is grounded in who she is. She doesn’t make music about the party scene; having sex and getting f*cked up every weekend while doing drugs etc. No, her music is about love, finding yourself, loving yourself, being ambitious and of course, your hustle. She is such an inspiration in all aspects in who she is that when I heard this story via twitter, I nearly lost my sh*t. Not only because she nearly ended her own precious life, but it was over something ridiculous!

BTW I’m terrible at keeping up with celebrity’s personal lives but I’ll do my best. Kehlani was accused of cheating on her Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving with her ex-boyfriend. She stated back in Februrary that she and he started dating. However, last week Monday her Ex-boyfriend, rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR posted an instagram post of him holding her very recognizable hand while they were in bed. Once the internet saw that post everyone lost it and immediately began to attack Kehlani and accusing her of a multitude of things.

Later that same day, Kehlani posted a photo of her arm in an IV, with a caption alluding to her attempt of killing herself. KILLING HERSELF. WHAT. WHY. KILLING YOURSELF?? I don’t understand how things got from 0 to 100. Why would Kehlani, an up and coming artist of this new generation who actually has her head on straight want to rid her life because of internet drama?  Below is a bit of information provided by The Young Turks, an internet news channel.


I understand the whirlwind emotions of woman in her young twenties. I went through them myself and I’ve gotten my heart broken plenty of times. But i can’t understand how fast each point in this story is going. Maybe she’s going through more mentally then she has expressed on her social media. Maybe she’s hurting deeper then just what her ex boyfriend did. I don’t know. A few days ago she posted on her twitter and snapchat that she’s okay and that she’s healing. Im just worried. She one of the few artist who actually makes music with a positive message behind it. I don’t want her amazing talent going to waste because of stupid boys and their stupid petty drama.


If you’ve never heard her music before below I’ll post a couple music videos of songs I really enjoy and I hope you do too.



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  1. Its Sad to know that the media can have such an affect on someones life. That they would want to commit suicide.

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