David Banner get mad, get green eyes

Above is a tutorial for using Premiere to cut your first supercut. I apologize for it being a bit sloppy at times but please fast forward when you need to! A supercut is a quick paced, tightly edited sequence of a particular trope from fiction. Tropes are narrative devices employed by storytellers over and over again, often to the point of rendering the narrative piece silly due to it’s overuse. Think of runaway brides, the overuse of phrases like “Sit down and shut up,” and “Get out of there!“, or how about the “unflinching walk.”

Supercuts showcase these overly employed narrative tools by stringing them all together in one place to lay bare how overused they actually are. And often this tuns the trope into a joke.

But you can also not necessarily worry about “tropes” and focus instead on any piece of video that you might wish to loop/repeat or recontextualize with other short pieces of video. Think of it as taking your short gifs, keeping the sound and stringing them together into a single piece. I think a great example of this is this short which uses GIF techniques of repetition to study Hitchcock’s focus on his character’s eyes in his films.

If you’d like achieve the effect of looping a bit of video back and forth, you should learn to reverse clips in Premiere:

  1. Choose the short piece of video to loop back in forth. Use the Razor tool to trim the clip in the timeline.
  2. With the clip trimmed, next make a copy and paste it right after the original short clip.
  3. With the copy selected, follow the menu to the clip ‘speed/duration.’ menu-clip-speed-duration
  4. In the open dialogue, check the box by ‘reverse speed.’reverse-speed
  5. Now you need to copy and paste the pair as many times as you wish to loop the moment back and forth. loop-back-and-forth

UPDATE: Here’s a look at the final cut. More of a remix given that the original audio was completely replaced by a music track. I used cc licensed music by CDK, which means no worry about Youtube’s Content ID system pulling it down.


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