Blast From The Past

Rocket Power, a 90’s Nickelodeon show.

What this means to me:

The show based on four kids around ages 10 and 12, shaped my years to come. These animated characters who lived in an animated town in California, were basically very skilled at all extreme sports (especially skateboarding). Into teenage-hood, I wanted to be as crafted and unique as these characters; I chose to emulate them. I learned to rollerblade at age 9 (right after the show was cancelled in 2004), I learned to ice skate at age 12 (but dropped it as soon as I wasn’t any good) and I learned to skateboard at age 16. Skateboarding by far was the most difficult, but in the process of learning to skateboard I fell in love with the culture. The skateboard clothing, the music most of my skateboarder friends listened to, the body modifications many of us had, and simply the way in which we carried ourselves. Now being skateboarders, we were athletes but we weren’t competitive. We were very chill, often times consumed marijuana, and even mimicked hippies. Although it sounds simple, these were the best years of my teenage life because I lived what I dreamed of living as a child. Now a young adult, I am planning on learning to surf this summer, and learn to snowboard or ski in the winter following. I guess TV does shape minds 🙂

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