Copy? R-i-i-i-i-ght

In a blog post, find a quote from both Andy Baio’s case and Richard Prince’s case that you agree with, disagree with, or both. Tell us why. Also tell us whether you think law around fair use is working. How would you change copyright law and fair use if you were in charge.

Andy Baio’s case

“After seven months of legal wrangling, we reached a settlement. Last September, I paid Maisel a sum of $32,500 and I’m unable to use the artwork again. (On the plus side, if you have a copy, it’s now a collector’s item!) I’m not exactly thrilled with this outcome, but I’m relieved it’s over” (waxy). I agree with this although i felt that it wasn’t worth that amount of money because it isn’t really copyright when the photographer willing took the photograph for Mr.Andy. The photographer did not right that in the contract nor did he mention that he couldn’t use that photograph ever again. Mr. Andy should have been charged for alteast 5,000 dollars because it isn’t a copyright when the artist paid you for a photograph.

Richard Prince’s case

“The total amounted to almost $7.4 million, an astonishing figure considering that the jury also found that the copyright infringement wasn’t willful” (Eriq Gardner). I disagree with the action because the judge found that they didn’t break any law yet he still made them pay $7.4 million for copyrights.This isn’t fair because the justice system is always suppose to fair and unbiased. I felt that the judge wants finished the court quickly and considering the fact that Robin and William is wealthy, the judge might have not cared as much  because they are wealth. The amount money being charged wouldn’t affect these wealthy singers compared to commoners in America. Thus, I felt as a justice system as the title reveal justice for any citizen in america wether they are wealth or not.

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