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In class we discussed Copyright and the fairuse act. In the TED conversation entitled “laws that choke creativity. Larry Lessig discussed the idea of copyright and how technology influences copyright. In the day and age we live in the internet, camera phones various social media apps makes copyright rules hard to apply. Once an image is up its very easy to screen shot something and make it your own or to remix it . So the question is where is that thin line. For example the harlemshake song that came out in 2013 was huge. The video link had clips from people but also using clips from the peanuts, the simpsons and even a news broadcast. Now the clips from the shows and news were not original for the harlemshake post however someone “remixed” them and added the music. Isnt that a part of copywriting?  But technically the actual harlem shake was a danced that originated in Harlem in the late 90’s early 2000. Where is the copyright for that?  I also found an interesting article on the Google books finally being Legal.  Google book provides free snippets of library books.

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