Copyright and Fair Use

I recently found an article about AMV’s (Anime Music Videos) in which someone was discussing how they kept running into copyright infringement issues when posting videos to Youtube or other platforms. The article basically explained why that was happening and how AMV’s can be considered fair use. When it comes to the video itself, the issue of copyright mainly focuses on what aspects of the original content is being used and how much of it is being used. As long as small parts of the original content are being used that are not major scenes, then it can be considered fair use. AMV’s are mostly considered fair use if it is clear that the video is serving strictly as fun and entertainment instead of for “personal and financial gain”. When it comes to the audio it is mostly seen as fair use because through AMV’s songs become popular and people are exposed to new songs that they probably would not have found if not for the video. It is important that anything you create does not impose on the original content or negatively effects it.

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