You Ain’t Write That

Today in class we watched a video that caught my attention. It’s called Everything’s A Remix. It showed mostly how Led Zepplin basically stole a whole bunch of songs from other artists and gave no type of credit. When the video was loading I thought I was going to see some samples but they actually stole the music and lyrics and just made it upbeat or slower.

I’d say 95% of the music that I listen to right now have samples in them, some of the samples I catch, some I don’t. But that’s not stealing like Zepplin were doing. Sampling is good because it can either remind you of the song you like or make you want to go back and find that song and hear the difference.

You can go to WhoSampled to find out any samples you want to know and look at every sample that artist used also artists who sampled the artist/song you’re looking at.

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