Galipote art work

For a class I had last semester I tried to tell a story with an image. I was telling my professor about The Legend of the “Galipote.” I took an image of a house in my neighborhood in the Dominican Republic and remastered it to tell a little story.



It’s a myth told to children to keep them from going out at night alone. It also serves to scare them into doing good in school and making things happen for them selves.

Legend says the Devil sets out to make a pact with bad people promising them riches and health as long as they turn into an animal at night and do his bidding.  They are said to be ugly animals with some type of deformity (A super big head, an abnormally long tail, super long claws, humanlike eyes, etc…). They perform tasks like sucking the blood of unprotected children, stopping strangers and travelers in their path, playing tricks on people; all done at night.


Kitty, the Galipote:



2 thoughts on “Galipote art work”

  1. “Deals with the Devil” is a really rich trope in our culture. You’ll find examples in film, television, literature, comics, and so much more.

    That would be a fun one to play with as a storytelling assignment. I wonder if people would be willing to reveal what their deal with the devil would entail…

    1. That’s funny you mention this, MANY people would like to know the terms of these deals. People from my town in the Dominican Republic say that the only way you can free the person from the deal is to guess why they made the deal and who they are.

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