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For my CT101 Post i am choosing to write about the best sports play I have seen . Even though it wasn’t so recent it was a play that no one will ever forget. It was the day Deandre Jordan of the LA Clippers dunked off an alley hoop assisted by Chris Paul over Brandon Knight of the Detroit Pistons. The dunk was unbelievable to everyone’s eyes. People everywhere couldn’t believe what they had just witness. This dunk had a huge impact on memes all over because people began to put Brandon Knight in funny memes about his being RIP even though he just got dunked on very badly. It was my most memorable memory of highlights in the NBA besides anything Lebron James does. This dunk was so crazy that Wikipedia put that Brandon knight RIP the day he got dunked on which was very hilarious to me.


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This wasn’t the last time Brandon Knight was laughed at and destroyed in the meme world. During All Star Weekend he was cross over by Kyrie Irving which had people going crazy as well and it was very hilarious.

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