Animated Graffiti – Basics of PS selections and cloning

I went first at  to the search button on the top left hand corner and looked up adobe photoshop. I followed very step to the tutorial but had many difficulties and it didn’t work at all for me. I am very patient person, but when i did this my patient was lost. It wasn’t a very useful tutorial. I think he should have showed keyboard and what keys he has chosen, so I can see. I really didn’t enjoy his tutorial, i had to move back and forth to the tutorial and it was still difficult to me. uggggggg :'( aaaahhhh I was so frustrated.

By waterfallanimekpop

I like anime, kpop, drawing anime characters, creating a manga, dance, biology, I like to learn about medicine and Anatomy.Furthermore, I like all colors. I don't like Calculus, Chemistry, and Writing essays.

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CT101 Digital Storytelling