Explaining Lion King 2 In 5 Minutes

I saw this DS106 Assignments and I thought it was cool. When watching a movie, it takes the whole entire movie to be able to understand the different things that are happening. So instead, the assignment asks you to explain the movie using gifs. I decided to explain Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.  All gifs were made using Imgur and all video was found from looking up different clips of the movie on Youtube.

This gif is the start of the movie. Mufasa is looking down on everyone. It’s like a flashback to the first Lion King and reminds you that this is the the sequel of what happened after all the chaos was over.

This is another flashback to the first movie when Rafiki did this with Simba, but now he is doing it with Simba’s daughter Kiara. This is the official start to Lion King 2.

This is where the trouble starts. Another flashback to the first Lion King where the cub is told not to go to the “darkside” and they don’t listen and run into trouble. Kiara doesn’t listen to Simba and meets Kovu who is a descendant of Scar and was raised to get revenge on Simba. Of course they get into trouble and become friends.

Fast forward into the movie and Kiara introduces Kovu to Simba, Nala and the clan. They don’t trust him because they know his background. He gains their trust and everything is all good. Then he is forced to make a decision and he makes the wrong one causing everyone to turn against him. Simba banishes him and in true Lion King fashion they break out into a very catchy song about him not being one of them.

Of course after this the big fight scene between the outsiders and those who live in the pride land/Zira and Simba. This is also where Kovu and Kiara come together to stop the fight and try to create peace. Of course Simba listens but Zira doesn’t and just like Scar she dies. 

Then of course like all Disney movies, you have the happy ending. All is peaceful and the outsides now join those in the pride land as one big happy family all thanks to Kiara and Kovu.

The End ! 🙂




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