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So last week I made a character and i feel like i should elaborate more on him. There was another DS106 link for this but i actually thought of doing it before backstory assignment


Tru was born in the late 1600’s to a poor family. during his time as a child he would occasionally sneak into upper class homes and play with their musical instruments and sneak out before anyone could notice. then at the age of 13, he had self taught himself how to play five different instruments and made his own street piano from pieces of broken ones. He would play music on the streets during his free time to practice and make others happy, however this was not the case. His music was over shadowed by the rise of great  musicians and he was eventually left for dead when he had lost his job and could not by bread for himself. Then through some unknown means, he met a being that gave him the ability to live forever, but Tru had to come up with a way for him to die so that he would not be incredibly powerful. Tru thought of the songs in the near by chapels and how everyone remembered who wrote what songs, as well as how fast other musicians were rising. So he said that he would live through music and that as long as there would be one person who liked his music and could remember him he would live on. Things have been rough for him as he has been on the verge of death constantly barely able to get more than one or two people to like and enjoy his music, but that might change as he enters the 21st century and things can be passed around a lot faster. Will Tru finally be able to become the great musician he wishes to become, or will he just die without anyone knowing who he is.


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