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As I was looking through the DS106 list, I saw this and thought it was interesting. Basically the assignment was to place yourself into a point in time and visualize the surroundings of your location.

My vision is that in (maybe) 20 years, to be living up in earth’s orbit in a large space station. The station will be in constant rotation, which means that the walls will be my floor. It will have three floors, but vertically, it will be about 75 feet high. On the outer floor, high plexy glass covers parts of the floor as orange and black titanium provide the exterior cover and support. This area will feel more like a  lobby and living area, with an inverse/ upside down garden. the second layer is full of living quarters, bathrooms, and other resting rooms. The internal layer is the machine layer where all the electricity is produced, water is pumped, stabilizers managed, and other necessities that are needed.

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