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In this weeks DS106 assignments, I will be doing Short Story With Random Words And Animal(S). This assignment requires you to go to this website to generate 10 different words while choosing an animal and creating a story or poem out of those 10 words. Here goes nothing:

The Cow and His Bellyache

There was a lonely cow
Who went to the circus
Because he was a disbeliever of those crazy acrobats
An army of acrobats swung around and around
Breaking necks and arms
The lonely cow got hungry midway
So he decided to get something to eat
He bought a pineapple and ate it whole
Ten minutes later he had a massive bellyache
He thought it was because of how fast he ate
The pain started to get sharp and he got scared
He went to the potty and sat down what seems like forever
Turns out he just needed to poop
The end.

I didn’t even know how to end the story. Cows don’t even sit down to poop!

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