Dear younger me, It is nice that you are kind to whole to nation but sometimes you need to be selfish. In general, not everyone is friendly and do not trust people so easily. Your friends are not that important some will leave and some will stay overall family is important. You will be intelligent don’t feel that you aren’t good enough. Those that bullied you or degrade you they wouldn’t remember that they said those things too you, so don’t take their words so seriously. Your parents love you more than you think, I know that puberty will make you more sensitive than your already are staring in 8th grade in middle school haha. HAVE CONFIDENCE AND TRY NOT TO CRY ON STOP THINGS LIKE FRIENDS OR A BAD DAY.

By waterfallanimekpop

I like anime, kpop, drawing anime characters, creating a manga, dance, biology, I like to learn about medicine and Anatomy.Furthermore, I like all colors. I don't like Calculus, Chemistry, and Writing essays.

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