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Your Hopes, Dreams, And Fears

Write a letter to yourself describing how you ideally imagine your life, career, etc. in 10 years. Then keep the letter and read it in 10 years and see how your life turned out versus how you imagined it.

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In 10 years, I imagine myself already graduated and married. Hopefully I have behaved and adorable children. I am a doctor in my own office and have an assistant nurse right be side me. Many children come for a check up and I get know various of cute/crying children. Later, in order to relief their stress for getting a shot, I would give them a lollipop. As a pediatrician ( a doctor for children below the age of 18), i have already had many connection with various doctors and hospitals. I have to ability to recognize what the patients’ symptoms and the prescription needed to treat those symptoms. I want to create a dance video with my patients and my fellow doctor friends.



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I like anime, kpop, drawing anime characters, creating a manga, dance, biology, I like to learn about medicine and Anatomy.Furthermore, I like all colors. I don't like Calculus, Chemistry, and Writing essays.

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