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This Video is a great reminder of a very talented player i watched over the years known as “Beastmode” aka Marshawn Lynch who is said to retire this season and although he is only 29 years old he has made a name for himself in the NFL. This Gif shows Lynch driving the cart around his universities football field on game day. My first impression of this video was to laugh but because of this i see lynch as a more outgoing and more true to himself kind of person because he doesn’t hide who he is. Even to the media he is always truthful to his words. He is one of many football players who always give back to their communities on the holidays and this shows he has a lot of character. He also gets his other teammates involved as well,

Here in this video you can here Marshawn Lynch and CB Richard Sherman talking about giving back to the community for thanksgiving.

I only hope that sometime this summer Lynch does get a change of heart and returns to the NFL because there are many teams that can use him and his Presence on the field will be missed if he does indeed keep to his word on retiring.

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