ds106 Assignment P2

One Assignment I came across that I would love to learn how to do is this one.

It’s a GIF of Clint Eastwood looking back at some weird/strange behavior. The example GIF is so funny and when I saw it I immediately came up with some ideas of what I would put behind him. I have a bunch of younger cousins between the ages of 8 to 17 and they are always bombarding our group chats with the most random things, but some of those things would be perfect in a GIF like this.

Another thing that really interested me about this GIF was the fact that there are two layers with different things happening in each. It’s such a unique look and I would love to learn an easier way to do this. I say “easier” because there was a tutorial up but after reading it I was even more confused than when I began. I think this is one thing i definitely need to learn by the time this course is over. Here is the link to the tutorial.

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