Day 54 of 366

Today is the 23rd of February, the 54th day of the leap year.  My New Year’s resolution was to write in a journal everyday.  It is now 54 days into the year and I’ve only written once in that bloody book.  I’m a bit disappointed in myself because a lot have happened since the year began. So much memories were made, granted most of them are bad memories but the bad is still important. I wanted to write down every emotions I felt during the day and I wanted to tell my future self to avoid making the same stupid mistakes I kept making at the start of this year. I just need motivation to get it started.  See January was a bad month, so I had this thing with my friend where we saw it as a trial month and February was our actual New Year but nope, this month is looking really bad as a lot of miserable occurred just a week in but y’know, shit happens.

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