What i want to learn how to do.

OK, so I took a look on the Ds106 page for something i want to learn how to do but nothing seemed to peek my interest. There were snip bits here and there, but what i really want to do i guess is a combination of things that i saw and didn’t see. What I really want to learn how to do, is to create a story website that can hold more than one story (sort of like, click this link for this story and this one for that.), which can also be updated every so often to add the next chapter. But the most crucial thing for me is the copyright of my work. I do not know all the ins and outs of how a website is supposed to be run but that is very important for me.

By guardianknight2

I like Video games, anime, manga and thats about it. .....yeah i know I'm boring but so what.

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  1. If you’re interested in writing sequential narratives maybe there’s an example you might link to so we can better understand your thinking. Also maybe those web-stories include more than just writing? Not sure? Media? Collaboration? Networks?

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