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While OC means original content, I do a lot of online roleplay with people and we use this term for original character; which is what I’m doing here. My choice was creating an OC since I am very familiar with it. This is the link: character creation

Name: Tru Asmanio

Physical: Male, age unkown, 5’9″

Dark shadow grey hair, neon blue eyes, pale white skin. Has a rouged messy hair style.

Appearance: Black tee with neon blue outlines. Dark blue jeans. hooded, fake leather sweater which he alternates with a black woolen and hooded sweater.

Personality: Flashy and cocky, but is very gentle. He is very extroverted and enjoys socialization, but he has been ridiculed and rejected to the point that he became somewhat introverted. He strives to be known but does not want to be remembered as a bad omen.

Backstory: Tru is not exactly human. He is a type of entity who could have his life and entire existence wiped from history. That is payment for his ability to be eternal. But what must he do in order to remain in existence? To always be remembered, that is why he chose to be an entity of music because a good song will stay with people forever. However, no one likes his music. Occasionally there would be a small group of people who would honestly like his songs, but most of his hearers find his music as something to be ridiculed at. Consistently, there will be that one person who loves his music and he had them remember him till they eventually died. Because of this, he is also emotionally scarred and is still very afraid in meeting new people.


copywright 18 Feb 2016

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