DS106 First Assignment

This weeks assignment was to choose a DS106 assignment and try to recreate it. I chose this assignmment called Spalsh The Color which I had to basically choose a picture and use Color Splash to isolate one color from the picture while everything else was in a pure black and white color scale.

The original picture was this one.

Photo Feb 04, 9 29 05 PM

I then used Google to try to find a free website that would allow me to use Color Splash to try to isolate a color, in which I chose the strawberry from my birthday cake. The end result is shown in the picture below.

Photo Feb 04, 9 29 05 PM1

This looks pretty cool in my opinion, and was a great starting project to do! If you need help finding a DS106 assignment to do. I highly recommend this one especially since its so easy to do with this website.

One thought on “DS106 First Assignment”

  1. I love the way you managed to just bring the color of the strawberry in the picture. It really pops out, it looks amazing

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