So this guy Roosh V…

So I was just cruising the internet and I found this ridiculous story about this internet blogger that goes by the name of Roosh V. As I consulted some convenient internet media resources  they automatically calls him a misogynist, a rapist, and a myriad of other really bad things. However some deeper research on this guy proves that not only is he all of those things, but he’s also just generally an entitled douchbag.

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His whole idea is that women basically have too much freedom in the way we act and think and we need to be policed somehow for our own good. If women arn’t willing to settle down in their physical prime of 21 – 23, then they don’t deserve a husband and are saving themselves for a man that doesn’t exists. I just think this dude had a lot of trouble with the friend zone years ago and now has succumbed to being an idiot…


If your interested in understanding the everyday musings of an idiot feel free to refer yourself to the original video:

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