Star Wars Episode 8 Teaser (First Gif)

Production for the next in the greatest series known to man has begun and we are all waiting.

HL74LeH - Imgur

What can we expect from the new Star Wars Movie? Did Luke pick up his Lightsaber after episode six?

PzroTIG - Imgur

w0ijMQ1 - Imgur

Will Rey have a double bladed lightsaber? We’ll wait and see. Maybe a Jedi version of the really bad Sith lord from Episode 1.

giphy (1)

The fast paced style of lightsaber combat from episode one can make it’s way to the big screen once again. Some viewers of Episode Seven had different ideas on the fight between Kylo Ren and Rey.

giphy (2)

The next steps for the Star Wars Universe are another great story and larger questions answered.

This Gif creation wasn’t too difficult but took some time to get used to. Just like anything else, the more you learn how to use the Gif creator the easier it becomes.

Use for fast and easy Gif creations. Imgur is also a good start for those new to the Gif creating world.

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