2nd Week?

This week was blaahhh! Everyone anticipated this weekend’s frigid temperatures and here it is! A cold Saturday. (This is where i’d insert a gif of someone shivering but I haven’t gotten that down yet)

It is also one day before Valentines day! Yayyyy a day that forces couples to put down their smart phones and actually acknowledge each other. Just kidding! I almost sounded like I am anti-valentines day. I’m NOT! But I do personally believe that it’s not a big deal to me whether my significant other chooses to celebrate it or not. If you dont bring home roses and chocolate or plan some spectacular date, trust me I will be JUST fine. But if you do choose to do those things, i’ll accept it!

Anyway I hope everyone enjoys their valentines day, however you spend it! STAY WARM!

Author: teshafking

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