A visit to LIU’s MFA program is making me happy

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of visiting Ryan Seslow’s class in New Media Arts to discuss my work with his MFA students. It was a great group and we discussed a lot of the issues around being an artist and how to make decisions about putting work up on the web. It was pretty free wheeling, we talked about Andy Baio, the Dancing Baby, and lots about creative commons licensing (which I use extensively). And it would have been interesting to talk about the Late Show’s use of remix work posted on reddit.

But I think what’s making me most happy was learning how to capture screencasts on my iPhone! I was able to give a quick demo of the processes I use to create a variety of glitch aesthetic GIFs which I primarily post to my Tumblr. I revisited the tutorial with my motion graphics class yesterday and this time recorded it and posted it:

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  1. This is so great! Thank you so much Michael!! We loved the presentation and many tid bits of awesomeness! Writing a follow up blog post as welll.

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