Parents Reaction to the “Babies Question”

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I believe the scenario works perfectly to place the “Where do babies come from?” question. Parents tend to react this way when children ask things related to this topic, and children’s response is basically to insist on them in order to get an answer from parents. Based on how kids are so curious and determined in getting what they want.

Highlight of this GIF:

The clip comes from ABC’S TV show Modern Family, the characters on it are Lily and Alex. Furthermore, the episode itself does have to do with what i just said  couple of lines before, Lily goes around through the episode asking, “Where do babies come from?”. Everyone kind of avoids answering and reacts in a different way but it is mostly because she focused on the younger relatives than the adults, but the scene does kind of reflect a parents reaction.

In general the TV show is amazingly funny, so if you feel like you need to relax and laugh a little it might be a great way to accomplish that by watching the show.

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