Netflix Suggestion : Turbo Kid



If you want to be thrown into the apocalyptic world of 1997 then Turbo Kid is the right movie for you. This retro themed survival story introduces us to a young boy raised in the mist of chaos. Robots and Nuclear warfare ended civil life on earth and left only a few scraps of people alive. Running across a new girl and some dangerous people sets up our Kid to discover his true calling. To be a superhero.

This movie released in 2015 but has Netflix worthy qualities. You might laugh, cry, jump for joy, or just enjoy the director’s take on the wasteland. Either way, It’s a lot better than taking a risk on three star movies with Nicholas Cage (No offense Cage, mucho respeto).

See for yourself and leave some comments! I hope to continue suggesting more movies as soon as i figure out how to make gifs and create slideshows. Take a look here for more details on Directors, Writers, Actors, and those who worked on the Movie.

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