Sleepy Hollow Season Three


Hey guys! One of my favorite shows Sleepy Hollow returned Friday Feb. 5th. In the winter premiere Ichabod, Jenny, and Joe are trying to find a way to return Abbie back to the real world. In the midseason finale Abbie is helping her sister Jenny by taking out this possession that was put upon her. Abbie uses a stone to get out the evil but in doing so all of the power over flows and the only thing left to do was to run with the stone and Abbie disappears in an explosion. So on the new episode they are trying to find where Abbie is located to return her! The episode was pretty amazing an at the end of the episode you see a scared Abbie in a place which looks like either a hell or purgatory. Can not wait to see the next. Also this show is one of channel five shows that could be in danger of getting cancelled! It needs to stay on the air the show is amazing so if you do not watch please do! It comes on FOX 5 Fridays at 8pm!

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