PMB Like A Virus In My Brain

As we all know, this weekend was The Super Bowl! Some people watch for the love of the game; where others watch for the commercials and halftime.  Sadly this year I didn’t fall into either category because I was a work!  Nonetheless Twitter was buzzing with excitement. I stumbled upon a hashtag for #PuppyMonkeyBaby .

Now, I am one of these people who really enjoys a good pairing of words.  I love to write and laugh so much at well put together things. I couldn’t resist clicking the trending topic.

I then stumbled across this gem of a commercial posted by Mountain Dew:

This has to be the single most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week, WHO THINKS OF THESE THINGS! I’ll tell you who, ME!

I mean what do you get (Umpa Lumpa voice)  when you mix three of the world’s cutest creatures? PUPPYMONKEYBABY

I kid you not, I am obsessed. might even have me a mountain dew!



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