Waves of Information

First day of CT 101.

First day of Computer Technology 101 can have some feeling like a huge wave of information is running towards them, but not me! I am that rock you see in the GIF. Standing firm and ready for the challenge ahead. I know it is essential towards my success to have a better grasp of technology. Messaging which anyone in the world can access and pass along is powerful in my eyes. It can create waves all around the world if it is packaged correctly. Activism looks very different in 2016 compared to 30 years ago and I would like to learn more tools from this course to create positive messaging on a global level.

Below is a GIF I edited from the 2nd video sequence under the Gif. I search for the video sequence from Youtube and shorten it to 3 seconds. To finalize the Gif, I added text to ensure my point came across clearly.

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Below is the original video sequence. Original Source It is from the film San Andreas, when a huge tidal wave is about to hit San Francisco. Not sure what inspired me to use this clip, but it worked well with my blog post.

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