Happy Happy Happy

We’re supposed to write about what made us happy this week. I have a list full of things that made me happy. Number one would be turning 22, and having it made it this far in my life is a huge accomplishment. Second would be my work closing down. Weird right? Not as bad as it seems. My work environment was OK. Despite the dramatic customers, dramatic ratchet manager, it is fine by me that my work place is finally closing.


No overtime, no raises were given despite the three years I was there and even after all of that the managers that were assigned to the store throughout the three years only seemed to make it worse. Let us not forget the fact that our break room was located under some stairs and the only light we had was from a table lamp.


Everything happens for a reason and although I will miss some of my coworkers, I am ecstatic that my job at this place is finally coming to an END!

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