Bob’s Burger- Lets Capoeira

Hey Everyone, My name is Brittney and for my first post I decided to make a GIF from one of my favorite shows Bob’s Burger.  Bob’s Burger is about the Belcher  family who owns a burger restaurant. Bob (main character), his wife Linda and their 3 kids Tina, Gene, and Louise.    Tina is Tina is awkward, but full of heart, and muddles her way through her pubescent experiences, such as boys, leg waxing, and development of her identity. She loves unicorns, zombies, and has a crush on Jimmy Jr (who is the son of Bob’s arch enemy Jimmy Pesto). The Gif I created was from the Capoeria episode in which Tina has a crush on her instructor .

Bob’s Burgers Wikipedia page

Fox Bob’s Burger page


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Clip from original show:

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