My first CT blog post

sitting in my first CT class my professor asks me to write a post, this from what i can remember is really the first time i have ever sat down to write an actual blog. i am not too sure on what a blog is actually is. that is something i would like to learn more about in this class, also i want to learn everything that i can possible in this class that would help me gain a better understanding of the field i set myself up for the future. i want to dig deep into the roots of media and learn a lot more about the tv media parts to CT , something involving sports because i am a huge sports fan and working in the sports field have always been my goal. My favorite sport is football because i like the vibe that it gives to everyone who watches it and plays it. the sport shows a lot of dedication and honor amongs all players . on my spare time i like to watch player highlights and study different players stats and moves. one of my favorite athletes in the NFL is Brandon Marshall who had a great season.


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