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My journey this semester with going to two colleges at the same time. This year is going to drain me mentally and physically. Im a C.T major in York College but i’m communication major in my other college . I attend the college of New Rochelle Brooklyn campus. How can i do this you ask? One school is private and the other one is cuny. Did i mention i work as well. But last and certainly not least i’m a single Mother. Yes its hard but I am doing it and i know this is going to be my biggest obstacle ,but i can do it. I missed class for a week and i hope we aren’t out the loop. I did enjoy a short break though. I was looking forward to valentines day and relaxing with my loved ones. Thats the day to express love and happiness .

Author: qianalewis

my name is Qiana Lewis im 35 years old and im a communication major. Im not to sure of my career path but i want to remain focus.

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